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9 Reasons to Hire an SEO Agency

Does your organization have an in-house marketing team? If yes, that’s great, but it’s never enough. We recommend you consider hiring an SEO agency that can benefit your business development in the long term.

What are the main reasons you outsource SEO and hire an agency specializing in that?

Reason #1 – Accountability

When you partner with an SEO agency, you will have to sign a contract of services that will be legally binding for both parties. Therefore, when you start working with an SEO agency, you will have a proposal, deliverables, and other relevant documentation stating your SEO agency’s objectives and responsibilities. This accountability level will help drive the desired outcomes and achieve better results than doing SEO in-house.

Reason #2 – SEO Agency’s expertise

An SEO agency is a team of experts in search engine optimization that can handle anything from setting the right SEO strategy for your business to its implementation. You will be able to get an informative solution from an industry expert rather than searching for the answers yourself and potentially incurring unnecessary costs.

Reason #3 – Tailored Strategy

An SEO agency will help you to build a strategy tailored to your business objectives. If you manage your SEO efforts yourself, you will have to go throughout the process, possibly making mistakes and putting yourself at risk of throwing money at a project that might not be worth it. An SEO agency can provide you with faster and less expensive solutions that are 100% tailored to your business objectives helping to scale up your business and significantly increase your revenue in the long term.

Reason #4 – Fresh Ideas

An SEO agency is an independent party with a fresh pair of eyes to look at your business and your digital marketing performance. It can give you relevant feedback and generate new ideas to optimize your website and increase efficiency.

Reason #5 – Increase brand visibility

An SEO agency helps increase your business website’s rankings in the global marketplace and obtain a sustainable branding impact. Companies that don’t use SEO effectively have lower rankings and remain unnoticed on the Internet, while an optimized SEO strategy will help your business to appear in search ahead of well-known brands.

Reason #6 – Customer Acquisition

Another reason to hire an SEO agency rather than doing it in-house is customer acquisition. A successful SEO strategy can significantly increase the number of website visitors driving the traffic, lead generation, customer acquisition, and converting them to sales. While you and your team keep doing what you do best: delighting such customers.

Reason #7 – Website Audits and Reports

An SEO organization will frequently conduct website audits and generate keyword and ranking reports for your website. This will help your business define the scope of SEO and to better clarify your website positioning by analyzing data and tracking changes and improvements. 

Reason #8 – SEO Maintenance

It is essential to understand that SEO is not just a one-time assignment; it is a long-term constant process. It is a strategy with a set of actions that should be taken to achieve your business goals. When you hire an SEO agency, you don’t need to worry about regular website checkups, fixing the bugs, continuously working on increasing your website popularity and driving more organic traffic to a website. An agency will take care of it, helping your business to grow. This should free your time to develop other aspects of your business.

Reason #9 –  Algorithm Changes

An SEO Agency is always aware of the latest trends, ranking algorithm changes, and SEO techniques. Rather than searching for the latest SEO trend and trying to understand how to implement it yourself, if you outsource SEO to an expert agency, it will save you a lot of time and trouble by allowing you to fully focus on your own business.

Hire an SEO Agency and it will help significantly boost your business’s search visibility, drive traffic to the website, strengthen your brand name, increase your online rankings, acquire more customers, and generate more revenue while having time to focus on your business and responsibilities. It’s an investment that will pay off. 

Ares Saldaña
Ares Saldaña
Since 2005, I have been helping clients find and develop new systems, products, or solutions that address their business challenges and problems. As the founder of Phidev, a digital marketing agency, and a partner at Audisatt, a data-driven SaaS audit company, I combine technology, data, and design to create and deliver effective and innovative online campaigns and platforms. My passion lies in generating and developing ideas that leverage my expertise in marketing strategy, digital marketing, content development, and product/software development. I also enjoy leading and managing teams that share my vision and values of delivering high-quality and customer-centric results. I am always eager to learn new skills and technologies that can enhance my performance and expand my knowledge.