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Lucky Little Cat

Born from the need of small businesses and solopreneurs to get online without breaking the bank, Lucky Little Cat is a product developed and maintained by Phidev to offer non-technical people an easy way to get their businesses online. An affordable monthly payment gets you a team to create and maintain your website without the headache of learning complicated platforms or how the internet works.


To get small businesses and solo-preneurs online affordably.

  • Strategy

    Branding, Development, Automation & Marketing

  • Design

    Brand, Motion Graphics & Illustration

  • Development

    Client Dashboard & Marketing Automation


Websites From Concept to Completion — Accesible Digital Solutions

Lucky Little Cat came to life from the demand among business owners for cost-efficient and user-friendly website solutions, eliminating the need to navigate the complexities of the online landscape. This new done-for-you product, developed by Phidev, serves solo-preneurs, small to medium-sized businesses, and tradespeople, enabling them to establish a dependable and professional online presence through convenient and affordable monthly payments.


Simplifying Website Management for Busy Business Owners.

A good website is a never-ending project that must be constantly updated and freshened up. The business model of Lucky Little Cat is straightforward: a one-time setup fee and monthly payments that include a professional web design with unlimited content updates. Lucky Little Cat services are an affordable and efficient way for busy business owners who lack the time or staff to handle website creation and management. The monthly fee includes website maintenance and hosting, and there are other add-ons, such as professional email addresses, monthly newsletters, and more.


Bringing prosperity & Good Luck to Our Clients.

Drawing inspiration from the original Maneki Neko (招き猫, lit. ‘beckoning cat’), a Japanese figurine believed to bring prosperity and good luck, we have created Lucky Little Cat. Its branding strategy focuses on creating an adaptable and approachable brand suitable for individuals with any level of understanding of the online world. We created a friendly brand that projects high professionalism and trustworthiness. We integrated the original color palette of the traditional figurine and employed typographies inspired by editorial content to enhance the brand’s legitimacy and reliability.


Lucky Little Cat: A Constantly Evolving Playground.

Our goal for the Lucky Little Cat brand is to continue evolving and adapting to shifting trends, concepts, and collaborations. Our Website-as-a–product provides a convenient solution that acts as a playground for exploring diverse possibilities, ensuring that our brand and clients’ needs are addressed now and in the future. At this moment, our portfolio documentation highlights our accomplishments to date, illustrating the advancement of our ongoing evolution in design and new technologies.


Good Projects Need to be Managed

At Phidev, we help our clients develop custom software applications to help them run their businesses, and we hate to be the cobbler’s shoes… We’ve developed a custom CRM application for managing prospects and clients, enabling our team to provide world-class customer service, monitor website changes, and nurture client relationships. This platform is continuously evolving. We also have implemented marketing automation for prospect outreach and service follow-up requests.


A Brand Adaptable to Changing Tech and Trends.

Today, Lucky Little Cat continues to evolve and explore different industries. As Phidev we consider that this product is open to evolve in different directions in response to shifts or developments in technology and trends. However, we remain loyal to our essence, which comes from providing reliable, professional, and affordable services that reflect our clients’ interests in pursuing what they love, without needing to worry about their online presence.

Project Services

Naming & Branding

We decided on a name that reflected our main intention with this project: To bring prosperity and good luck to small businesses that would not otherwise get online.

Business Model

Our business model is simple: It offers an affordable subscription for a website. This way, our clients overcome the fear of going online by avoiding costly web design fees ensuring they can keep their site up-to-date and relevant as long as they remain enrolled.

Custom Software Development

We developed a custom CRM to help us operate better as a team and provide excellent customer experiences to our clients. We’re excited about this ongoing project, which we will continually improve and utilize ourselves.

Web Design & Development

We designed and developed the customer-facing website. So, in some way, we became our first customer for Lucky Little Cat. The website aims to quickly explain what the service entails and what the process is while following the defined voice brand.

Today, Lucky Little Cat is an ever-evolving project.

We are pleased to have developed this product for an audience that doesn’t require overly complicated or sophisticated services to achieve their digital and business goals. LLC will continue to evolve as technology advances and our internal processes become more refined and efficient, allowing us to become more accessible to a broader audience as a team. We view this project as an opportunity to assist people in growing their small and medium-sized businesses, and we are honored to be able to do so.

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