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Texas Medical Care Plans

TMCP is a leading health insurance agency in Texas, having expanded from a one-person operation to a team of dozens. In 2017, they reached out to us when their team started to grow and needed help managing their growing customer base.


To develop a custom CRM system for our client's rapidly growing startup business and launch a multi-channel rebrand campaign.

  • Strategy

    Branding, Marketing, CRM, Art Direction

  • Design

    CRM Development, Content Development, Campaigns, Print Collateral

  • Development

    Custom CRM


It all Started with a Spreadsheet.

Initially, Microsoft Excel seemed like a reasonable solution to manage Texas Medical Care Plans (TMCP) clients, but a more robust solution became necessary with a rapidly growing customer base. Attempts to share this spreadsheet with Dropbox worsened the issues, leading to the realization of the need for a tailored approach. Existing CRM solutions fell short of their specific needs for exceptional customer service, prompting the decision to develop a custom CRM precisely aligned with their operational requirements.


A Custom CRM Software & Knowledge Base.

Through collaboration, we proposed innovative approaches and fine-tuned requirements to create a system serving as both customer relationship management and a knowledge base. This digital solution not only mitigated issues of data overwrites and accidental deletions but also became a catalyst for exponential growth.

Current Situation

The Evolving Custom Solution Serves as a CRM, Knowledge Base, & Marketing Tool.

This custom-developed tool became a cornerstone for their growth, allowing efficient management of customers, prospects, and marketing initiatives. Our adaptability and commitment to enhancing the CRM have made it an integral part of Texas Medical Care Plans’ daily operations, an achievement unattainable with generic solutions.


To design a brand that consolidates & repositions an established health insurance company in Texas.

In 2021, our client embarked on a significant brand overhaul seamlessly implemented across various media platforms, including the custom CRM developed in 2017. The launch campaign centered on the tagline, “Medical Insurance for All!”. Our branding goal aimed to position TMCP as a regional leader offering reliable and free services to find Obamacare and Medicare insurance. The campaign tagline works perfectly due to its inclusivity and ease of translation into Spanish.


A Seamless Transformation & Multi-Channel Campaign Success.

The launch campaign was disseminated through various media channels, including direct mail, annual calendars, digital screens at doctors’ offices and other clinics, paid advertising, SMS, newsletters, and the replacement of signage at their physical locations. Achieving consistency across all channels, from stationery to integrated marketing campaigns, was a meticulous process, thanks to the collaborative efforts of our team of web developers, designers, animators, illustrators, and strategists.

Client Services

Custom Software Development

We helped Texas Medical Care Plans (TMCP) migrate away from Microsoft Excel as their customer database to a robust, sophisticated, and evolving Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) that also supports their team as a knowledge database and marketing tool.

Branding & Content Strategy

Once their operation was streamlined with the implementation of the CRM and their business continued to grow, we worked with TMCP to help them develop a new brand that embodied and shared their values with their customers and team.

Web Design & Development

With a new brand in hand, we started the journey to share it with the public, and it all started with their website and reworking their existing marketing communications to reflect the new face of the company.

Marketing Automation

With everything implemented, we set out to automate as much of their marketing and customer service operations as possible. From automated SMS and perfectly timed email communications, we are helping TMCP to continue growing.


A Journey of Growth and Partnership with Texas Medical Care Plans.

The CRM and brand continue to evolve in response to new rules, trends, and needs. We take great pride in our partnership with Texas Medical Care Plans, contributing to their remarkable 300% growth since our collaboration began. While their success is primarily their own, we are honored to have played a role in their transformative journey.

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